European Linux Yearbook 1999>


Let's show the world how we work in the Linux Community.

The book is finished (or as finished as it could get in 24 hours). - Thanks to all who contributed one way or the other.

March 21st is Internet Fiesta and the European Linux User Groups will celebrate this by write a book in 24 hours which shows the status of Linux in Europe.
What the book will contain we don't know yet because right now it is just an idea. And this is where we start March 21st at 0.00.00 AM CET. At 11.59.59 PM CET the book is finished.
Nothing at all is planned except the idea and some minor logistical things such as the web-site (this site) and the initial maillist which you can subscribe to - click here.
Without management the project will be too anarchistic and cause it to fail. To prevent this Claus Sørensen - who is an educated project manager - will manage the project.
By making a whole book from idea to "ready to publish" in just 24 hours will show the world how powerfull the internet can be if we use it for teamwork by using the Open Source developing model.
Linux and a lot of it's services and applications as well is developed by this Open Source model where everyone can see the source code and suggest better bits of code so the whole system becomes better.
What we're doing with European Linux Yearbook is using the same model on an intellectual work - a book. The book will use Open Content License so everyone who will print and publish the book can do it for free